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Ultimate Direction Body Bottle Plus

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It's time to try a bigger soft bottle. The new Body Bottle Plus is larger - with a capacity of up to 17 oz of fluid - yet still fits into all of our vests. The lid now has a lock option and a much bigger opening, allowing you to easily add ice cubes or powdered energy mix. Super comfortable, the soft flask conforms to your body - reduces sloshing, bouncing, and rubbing!



  • Clear - you can see how much fluid is left
  • Collapsible - is only as large as the liquid being carried
  • Pliable - conforms to any shape
  • Cleanable - can be placed in dishwasher
  • Hi-Flow Bite Valve with Lock

Weight: 1.4 oz / 34g
Fluid Capacity: 17 oz / 503 mL
Material: BPA-Free TPU

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Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 10.36.48 PM.png